So, what’s this minimalism all about?

The modern minimalist movement offers an insight into living a full and meaningful life with less. It’s not about white, empty spaces (although it can be, if that’s your thing). Rather, it’s about removing the things in your life (belongings, clutter. ‘stuff’ or unwanted distractions) to enable your attention to be focussed on the things that really matter to you.

James Wallman’s book, ‘Stuffocation’ was the catalyst for my minimalism journey. A thought-provoking essay, it considers the path from consumerism to minimalism and ends with experientialism. That is, focussing your attention on the items you need to enjoy meaningful experiences.

There are some wonderful and well-respected proponents of minimalism. Check them out, see what you make of their approach, try it for size and experiment a little. For example, visit:, or http://www.bemorewithless – all are inspiring, with their own unique take on what is fast becoming a real trend.

So, here I’ll write about minimalism from my Midlands mid-life perspective. I’m interested in minimalist money; decluttering; the use of technology; family life; and food! Thanks for reading!



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