Say goodbye to your fantasy self


We’ve all been there. We enjoy an experience such as a trial sports lesson, craft workshop or cooking  presentation. Suddenly, our ‘fantasy self’ embraces this new experience without stopping to think. The next thing we know, we have a whole set of golf clubs, a new sewing machine or a new-fangled gadget that we bring into our homes.

Your fantasy wardrobe

With clothes, in particular, our fantasy self has a field day acquiring accessories we’ll never use (remember that expensive silk square?) or shoes that you couldn’t possibly wear for more than 5 minutes (I call these ‘sitting down shoes’).

What really adds value to your life

It’s only when you take a step back and make a conscious decision to unclutter – to de-couple from the fantasy self – that you can see more clearly what adds value in your life; what’s worth holding onto; what’s important. You become the person you really are, rather than the person you’ve been imagining in your head.

How to let go

But what what to do with the items that you’ve been holding onto all this time? You might feel reluctant to let go, especially if you’ve invested significant sums of money on this stuff. Remember, though, that you’ve already paid with not just your cash; you’ve paid with your time and your attention as well. To coin a well-known Disney song, let it go!! You know the channels you can use: sell, gift, donate, whatever. Just let it go. You might get some cash back; you might not.

Let your authentic self shine through

Whatever happens, you’ll have freed up not just your physical space but will also have created mental space where your authentic self will thrive. So, say goodbye to your fantasy self. I promise, you won’t regret it.


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