Digital detox trending


This morning’s news headlines included a piece that described how the average adult in the UK now spends a day per week online. The irony of this post is not lost on me. If you’re reading this, then you’re also online. I’m online as I type this blog post…

Digital declutter

Minimalists already know that a digital declutter can be like a breath of fresh air. Leave the iPad behind when you go on holiday and your awareness of your surroundings – and others – improves. How many of us have walked along the pavement whilst texting? That’s the cause of people bumping into others, according to this latest research.

Swapping smart phone to dumb phone

If a physical declutter can free the mind of extraneous ‘noise’ then imagine what a digital detox can do. I’ve made a recent shift in this regard. I dropped and smashed  my iPhone…. again. Having paid for that device with my hard-earned cash, my attention and my anxiety, I decided enough was enough. Instead of paying £60 to repair the phone, I swapped the broken device for a pay-as-you-go phone. My bills have halved but I can still use my favourite apps and get online with a tablet.

What’s a phone really for?

So, what’s a phone really for? This is not a trick question. Of course, it’s a tool with which we make contact with others using the voice or by text. But it became so much more with the advent of the smart phone, as ‘telephone’ gave way to miniature personal computer. So, if this clever phone is really such a smart thing, why are so many people pushing back – resisting the irresistible and eschewing social media, if only for a short time? Perhaps they are rediscovering the joy of simplicity and enjoying what this brings.

So, can you do a digital detox? Will you? And what will you notice when you do?


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