When a one-second video made us stop and smell the roses

roses-1566792_1920.jpgMy husband celebrated a significant zero birthday in May. This important occasion signalled the start of some interesting activities, not least a challenge (to himself) to do 50 new things in his 50th year.

The one-second video

Alongside the ’50 at 50′ project, my husband had already begun to take a short piece of video  (lasting just one second) every single day. With just a second of footage per day, the total length of this little film is now 225 seconds or 3.75 minutes in length.

As we watch each ‘second’ flash before us, what we see is surprising. It is possible to see – and understand – so many things that have been captured: phrases, context, location, time of year, weather and so on. Each time another day’s ‘second’ is added, we can watch the whole sequence again and notice something new every time.

What we notice

What’s surprising is how much more detail we notice every time we watch again. By really paying attention, we see something new in every clip. We also begin to notice themes emerging – the dog and our walks together are a predominant one! Travel is another.
So, as we watch, we notice. We observe. We appreciate the little details that often go unnoticed as we whizz through daily life. We know that it’s good for us to stop and smell the roses, but it took a little app’ and some daily dedication to creating this little series of clips  to help us appreciate that message all the more.

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