5 ways to do a digital detox


5 ways to do a digital detox

1. Just one device

Betsy and Warren Talbot advocate going without a mobile phone. Read about their journey via anunclutteredlife.com

For me, I have a basic pay-as-you-go phone to text and call, but not a smart phone. My single device is a tablet. That’s what I use for apps such as Facebook, which means I have to be intentional about my usage. I am not distracted when out and about, which is a great relief.

2. Digital daycare

Make a place that becomes the default docking station for your device. Put your device into ‘daycare’ when you need to charge both its batteries and yours.

3. Unclutter your social media

Choose you favourite one (or two) social media platforms. Refuse to add another, when invited to do so. When our kids were on their DofE expedition earlier this year, one of the mums created a WhatsApp group. I declined her invitation to join; in any case, the kids were supposed to be phone-free, so I wondered what could be gained by speculating about their every move…

4. Go ‘cold turkey’

Jump off your chosen social media apps for a given period. Be accountable for the length of time you choose: announce your digital holiday and your pals will know you’re not around. They will welcome you back when you’re ready to return, but I promise you won’t be missing out.

5. Switch off

Use the off switch. Turn off notifications. Know how to power-off your machines and use that button. Granny never went online – not once. So experience the joy of powering off and see what difference it can make. What will you choose to do instead?

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2 thoughts on “5 ways to do a digital detox

  1. I have a wooden crate on my bookshelves and have started to regularly pop my phone in there to signal a bit of phone free time, even just for an hour. I’ve also turned off all notifications and often use ‘Do not disturb’ so I only hear communication from selected people. Handy when you’re waiting for someone to get in touch but don’t want to be bothered by other stuff!

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