Give up your Sunday best!


I believe that saving things for best is contrary to the minimalist’s philosophy on life.

Around 15 years ago, I worked for a wonderful woman who was both mentor and inspiration to me. We are still friends today.

My friend taught me some valuable lessons about work and about life. One of them was her approach to having – and enjoying – the belongings she owned. She valued beautiful things and didn’t baulk at spending money on quality items that she would use and enjoy frequently. Not a constant shopper, she would only buy what she needed, but (having a good sense of colour and shape) would buy clothes that fit well, were of good quality and which she would wear time and time again. Knowing the colours that suited her also meant that new things blended well with her existing clothes.

The thing that struck me most was that my friend was clear on one thing and it’s this: there’s no point in having items you don’t use. Savings things for best is contrary to the minimalist’s philosophy, articulated in the following sentence by Courtney Carver of BeMoreWithLess:

“The best way to enjoy your favourite things is only to own your favourite things.”

Why fill your home with things you rarely use? That bone china Royal Doulton crockery or LK Bennett jacket aren’t going to give you joy if they remain unused in the dresser or wardrobe. The chances are that, especially with clothes, you might not want to wear this style or shape in 2 or 3 years’ time. So, get those things out and try them on. Wear them! Enjoy them! You’ve already invested your time and money in purchasing or collecting these items, so get the use out of them and enjoy! Chances are, you’ll save money because you won’t have to buy things for ‘every day’. Every day is here and now!

And if they no longer add value or ‘spark joy’ then don’t feel bad about releasing them into the world so that someone else can benefit. As Francine Jay would say, these are the relics of yesterday’s you. Letting go is OK too.

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