When out of a crisis comes simplicity


Today, my doctor told me to give up ‘stimulants’. For me, that means no caffeine from tea or coffee and no glass of wine or prosecco on the odd occasion when there is the opportunity. I have experienced two unconnected (minor) health issues that both pointed to the same thing: water, herbal tea and similar drinks are the right way forward for me.

This got me thinking.

Dietary changes

There a number of well-documented instances of people who, after a health crisis, have found a new way of being. Take Angela Liddon whose ‘Oh She Glows’ blog led to an international best-selling vegan cookbook of the same name. Likewise, ‘Deliciously Ella’ and ‘Eat, Nourish, Glow’ (and their follow-on publications) were a response to personal crises. Out of a bleak situation came good.

So, what parallels can be seen in minimalism?

Life changes

Courtney Carver of BeMoreWithLess.com is an amazing example for how she discovered a life of simplicity, following a diagnosis of MS 10 years ago. Her determination to turn her life around has taken her on an amazing journey that is a true inspiration to others.

Others such as Leo Babauta have found meaning and contentment in taking a path of simplicity, removong things in his life (e.g. smoking, overweight) that were preventing him from being his ‘best self’.

A switch to simplicity may seem inconsequential, but if you think about it, there has to be an upside – in this example – to a teetotal approach:

  • Save money on shop-bought beverages. Tap water is freely available and you can carry it with you, to avoid purchasing bottled water, which does not represent value for money.
  • Carry a herbal tea-bag to which you just have to add hot water; a simple and effective way to enjoy a warm drink but without the caffeine
  • Never worry about who’s going to drive, after an evening out. You’ll always be able to leave when you want, at a time to suit you, and in the comfort and safety of your own vehicle
  • Sleep better. There’s no doubt that a double espresso will not promote a good night’s sleep; a herbal infusion or warm milk will do a better job
  • Be fully hydrated, promoting better health and wellbeing

It’s a simple approach; it’s straightforward and it’s mine to embrace. 100% commitment is the only way.

Out of this minor crisis can only come good.

How can *you* turn turn a downside on its head and find – in the solution – the benefits that accompany simplicity?

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4 thoughts on “When out of a crisis comes simplicity

  1. I’m now teetotal and stimulant free. No alcohol for 20 months, no caffeine for 3. It’s not always easy but it does bring a lot of freedom. I carry a tin of decaff tea bags when I’m out and about just in case!

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