Releasing the relics of yesterday’s you

I begin this post by googling the word in its title:


An object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical interest.

I muse on this: ‘an object surving from an earlier time’. Oh, I have had a few of those in my home!
As I go further on my Minimalist journey, I realise just how many of these relics I have held onto over the years.
Since we moved into our current home, just over 4 years ago, here are some examples of things I had kept but which I have since released:

  • Riding hat, boots, body protector and crop
  • Music from a choral event I had been a part of over 15 years ago
  • Satchel from my teaching days, bought in 1997 (yes, really)
  • Cookery books from when I was just starting out
  • Toys ‘for visitors’ in the toy cupboard
  • Craft equipment from a day course I had attended


In her book, ‘The Joy of Less’, Francine Jay encourages the reader to, “…release the relics of yesterday’s you.” All those items listed above represented who I was before. They were physical echoes of ‘yesterday’s me’. They were reminders – in solid form – of an earlier time. Why did I hold onto them?
Quite honestly, I’d not really put any thought into it. When we moved, I bet my removals company wished I had put some thought into it! I was moving to a more spacious home, so everything had somewhere to go. Why, though, did I fill my new home with carefully stored relics? What was I thinking of?
Now, four years on, I have shifted the backlog. I didn’t need the items to remind me of the experiences they had enabled me to enjoy. I didn’t need the relics of yesteryear. The only time we have is now. So, I surround myself with only those things that mean something today. The past can be released into history. That’s where it belongs.

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