Clear the clutter with 10 top tips

Need some ideas to get started?

1. Sweep through your main living space, gathering up the clutter that doesn’t belong there. Result? Instant ‘clear-of-clutter’ boost!

2. Box up things you’re wavering over. Close and label the box. Let its contents go if you haven’t touched the box in 6 months.

3. Create a “swishing” bag of clothes that you can pass onto others who’ll benefit from them.

4. Fill the plastic charity bag that drops through your letterbox – it’s a time-limited opportunity to clear out that clutter!

5. Choose one category e.g. Everyday kitchen items. Pack away everything then bring out only the things you use in the next month.

6. Sort items into perfect piles e.g. Hand towels, bath sheets, bath mats. Prune worn-out and un-needed items.

7. Create drawer dividers with shoe boxes or gift boxes. Use one box per set of small items e.g. socks.

8. Remove duplicates, especially those items that you’d already upgraded but where you were keeping the original ‘just in case’ or ‘as a spare’.

9. Use up what you have before buying more. Don’t stockpile.

10. Declutter something, however small, every day until it’s done.

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