Minimal make-up


Prior to starting my #LifeEnergyExperiment in November, I realise that I have bought quite a few things over the last few days. Most items have been gifts. Each time, I have done a mental calculation to consider how much time I had to work In order to make that purchase. In other words, I thought about how much ‘life energy’ was expended to buy whatever it was.

Little luxuries

Today’s small purchases (this time, for myself) reminded me how little I spend on luxuries such as make-up. Although I wear it every day, it takes me a very long time (usually several months, if not longer) to use up the products I buy.

The items purchased today cost just a few minutes of ‘life energy’ and, for me, represent high value in terms of fulfilment gained vs. life energy expended.

A minimalist’s beauty routine

So, what does a minimalist’s beauty routine look like? Mine is super simple and quick: Moisturiser (skip the primer); concealer (for the less-tired look); mineral foundation (whizzed on with a brush); eyebrow pencil; a slick of eyeshadow (always the same colour); mascara; cream blush and a blob of lipgloss. That’s it. Every day.

My inspiration

Years ago, I was inspired when watching an episode of Oprah (when the programme was shown on terrestrial TV in the UK). With a ‘simplify your life’ theme, the programme featured a woman who had pared back her beauty routine to the extent that she no longer wore make-up, kept her hair neat and short, and maintained perfectly trimmed nails.

Could I go that far? Well, no. On days whenever I don’t do my 5 minute make-up routine, I feel under-dressed and somehow unfinished. So, I stick to my approach. It’s a part of my morning preparations and is a way of gently saying to the world that I’m ready to face the day (if you’ll pardon the pun).

And on it goes

This evening, off comes the make-up and the routine repeats itself again tomorrow. There’s something soothing and reassuring about that.

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