The Life Energy Experiment begins

What value, fulfillment and satisfaction do the items we buy really bring to our lives?

In this month’s Life Energy Experiment, I’m going to be asking this question for everything I buy. Will the purchases I make be truly worthwhile when set against the time I needed to work to pay for them?

You can read about the background to this here, but today I’ll share my ground rules. If you decide to join in, you might vary your approach, but here’s what I’m planning to do.

What I won’t include

– The regular, monthly household costs (our direct debits/standing orders)

– Food and groceries (we have to eat; we shop online; we strive to get the best value for money we can)

What I will include 

I’m focusing on the things I buy, where I actively choose to spend my disposable income:

– Anything that I use my debit card, cash or online payment system to pay for

– Items that I have to dip in my pocket to purchase

How I’ll rate what I buy

I’m using  a 4-score rating:

– High

– Medium

– Low

– Zero

What’s likely to come up in November?

I’ve a few occasions coming up for which I’ll need to spend some cash. Apart from that, there’ll be some Christmas shopping on the horizon (towards the end of the month). Otherwise, let’s see how the month unfolds. And if you want to join me, don’t forget to use the hashtag #LifeEnergyExperiment

p.s. happy Hallowe’en!!!

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