Reasons for buying and the Life Energy Experiment

Why do we buy the stuff we buy?
1. To please others?
2. To satisfy a bigger, emotional need?
3. To keep up with the Joneses?
4. To tell the world something about ourselves (look how successful I am!)?

Do you return from a shopping spree laden down with bags but find it hard to remember – just shortly after – exactly why you bought the things you did? Can you even remember what you bought? Maybe you shop online and love the feeling of winning when your bid comes out top?

Our ‘why we buy’ can be any number of things. Do these resonate?

– it was a bargain

– my friend got one

– I just love those little gift bags they give you when you buy one

– they had ‘buy two, get a third free’

Take stock. Think for a moment.

– was it such a bargain if you didn’t really need it?

– just because it suits your pal, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you

– no-one else cares whether you’re carrying a status symbol or not

– did you need that many? really?

Believe me when I tell you that the one ‘winning’ in this scenario is the organisation or individual who’s made a sale. Your ‘why did you buy’ becomes less convincing when you consider that you’re not buying what you need; you’re buying an idea. Aren’t those marketers very, very clever?

So, join me this month on my Life Energy Experiment as we ask the question:

What value, fulfilment and satisfaction did I derive from what I bought in relation to ‘life energy’ expended?




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