Do what you enjoyed when you were 10 years old

img_0730Are you looking to make some changes in your life in 2017?

Want to reinvigorate your social life or find a new pastime? Maybe you’re even looking for a different career path? Well, the suggestion I recently read in Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project really made me sit up and think:

Do what you enjoyed when you when you were 10 years old.

This is such a great piece of advice and I can tell you that reconnecting with your 10-year-old self is a lot of fun!

This summer, my daughter’s dance teacher announced that she was going to be teaching an adult tap class. Since I had recently given up a longstanding and very time-consuming hobby, I had now the space and time to give this a go. So, I said yes.

Rediscover your childhood hobby

I borrowed my daughter’s tap shoes and went along to my first class in September. Could I remember my shuffle-hop-steps or my step-ball-changes? Well, some 30+ years since first putting tap shoe to floor, I have to report that I could! Some of my fellow tappers were complete novices. Others had some experience.

All of us wanted to try something new and were amazed when we got straight into our first routine, a jazzy number to a fabulous tune: Pencil Full of Lead.

Share your passion with others

Some weeks in, we began to put the whole piece together and our teacher suggested we might like to perform in the school’s annual charity dance event. At that stage, we were hardly ‘show standard’, but we agreed because the event always raises money for cancer charities. This year, the proceeds went to Pancreatic Cancer Action.

This Sunday, the mums finally got to perform in front of children, husbands, friends and colleagues. What a blast! We had such a lot of support from the audience, who clapped and cheered as we danced along to the music.

Now, believe me when I say that I’m no Darcey Bussell, but I do acknowledge what a lot of enjoyment this experience has been.

Don’t wait to be 10 again

So, don’t wait until the New Year to get in touch with your inner child. What can you embrace, once again, that you enjoyed when you were 10? Who knows how re-discovering a former passion might shape your future?

3 thoughts on “Do what you enjoyed when you were 10 years old

  1. When I was 10, I loved to read, ride my bike, sew doll clothes, and color. I still make time to read, though I’d enjoy being able to it even more, and I’ve been thinking of trying one of the adult coloring books that are so popular now. I haven’t owned a bicycle for many years, but maybe that is something I should change!

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