#Unclutter2017 – Start here


Unclutter your life in 2017

In January, we anticipate a whole new year ahead and the chance to achieve some exciting new goals.

Strive towards permanent changes

This isn’t about New Year’s resolutions. Instead, seize the opportunity to make some longer-lasting changes whose impact you’ll appreciate through the year and beyond.
During January, I’m going to post a number of ways to help you towards uncluttering your life in 2017. Through a series of short blog posts, I’ll highlight a number of different approaches to help you shed the excess that no longer adds value to your life.

Start here

Whether you have a huge decluttering project ahead of you or just want to scale back your possessions, throughout the month, I’ll be getting back to basics with a series of tried and tested ideas designed to help you on your journey towards minimalism.
Join in the conversation on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #Unclutter2017 – And look out for my upcoming posts to help you #Unclutter2017
Happy New Year!!!

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