#Unclutter 2017 – Play the Minimalism Game


Play the Minimalism Game

Play the Minimalism Game throughout January, made popular by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus (The Minimalists).

Here’s how

Did you know that if you declutter one item on day 1, two on day 2, three on day 3 and so on, after a month, you will have reduced the number of items you own by 496?
Try it for longer if you feel inspired to continue. Imagine after 50 days, you’d have decluttered 1300 items! That’s a lot of stuff!
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4 thoughts on “#Unclutter 2017 – Play the Minimalism Game

  1. A great way to start the year. I’ve had lots of fun playing the Minimalism Game and got rid of heaps of stuff. I recommend giving it a go to anyone. I’ve written a quick guide to success for anyone giving it a go for the first time – https://moretimethanmoney.co.nz/2016/12/30/playing-the-minimalism-game-a-guide-to-success/ . My top tip is to plan for how you’re going to get rid of stuff, as well as what you are going to get rid of.
    Looking forward to more #Uncluttered2017 challenges.

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