#Unclutter2017 – Remove Duplicates


Today’s tip is to remove duplicates.

Find and remove spares

If you look in the kitchen cupboard, I’ll bet you’ll find duplicates of at least one piece of equipment. When I finally tackled my own kitchen, this was certainly the case.
The kitchen is the area of our home where we seem to (inexplicably) acquire more than one of the same thing. It’s likely that you have at least two can or bottle openers. I did! For some reason, we invest in new and better equipment, then fail to get rid of the original.
So, today’s tip is to go through a particular space and remove duplicates, keeping the very best item for daily use.
As I wrote here, I don’t believe in ‘Sunday best’ so lighten the load and retain your preferred item.

3 thoughts on “#Unclutter2017 – Remove Duplicates

  1. I have to confess that I have this problem with stove top coffee pots. I’m a coffee lover and love how each one brews differently. I think I have 12 in my collection. At one point I was determined to scale them back but chickened out at the very last minute. Thankfully everything else in my kitchen is pretty simple so for the time being I’m giving myself a pass on the pots.


    1. I think that’s fair enough, Jenny! We like to entertain and so I keep two sets of cutlery (from both my grandmas). I’d say use it and enjoy it, otherwise you probably don’t need it. Equally, don’t stress about it – whatever you’re unsure about will wait for you to decide.


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