#Unclutter2017 – One in, one out


What happens when you need to replace something?

Does this sound like you? You need a new X because your existing X has worn out/broken/cracked/gone baggy/has shrunk in the wash. Your natural inclination is to replace X with Y, but to keep X because:
  • I can use it in the garden
  • I can wear it around the house
  • I can keep it as a spare
  • It might come in handy
No! Unless you are seriously into home decorating, gardening or DIY, the likelihood of using/wearing X again is negligible.

Let it go by following the one in, one out rule

Establish this principle: When you bring a new item into the house, an old one has to go. This is the ‘one in, one out’ rule.

Gone for Good

There are some fantastic initiatives that support the ‘one in, one out’ approach. My local independent underwear shop accepts pre-worn bras, which are then donated for charity. Old books are very welcome at the second-hand not-for-profit book store. Charity shops will often accept all sorts of miscellaneous items, some of which can be sold immediately in your local store. Tap into local initiatives because there’ll certainly be a way for you to pass on your no-longer-needed items and you’ll do some good in the process.

Stay clutter-free

If you’re well on the road to living a fuller life with less, this rule will help you avoid the trap of ‘re-filling’ your home with more stuff.

Join the Community

Finally, if you’re new to the blog, I invite you to join the Midlands Minimalist community here. It’s great to have you on board!

5 thoughts on “#Unclutter2017 – One in, one out

  1. I’ve came across a bunch of stuff like this when I was decluttering! I am much more mindful of the danger of replacements now. It’s best to pass things on straight away, as they are most useful to others now than after sitting in your drawers going musty for 5 years. Recently I helped my mum start a big declutter of her kitchen. She no longer had a need for a cast iron casserole dish she got as a wedding present 40 years ago. I have always loved it and it is the perfect size for my family. So I took it, but only after thinking of what existing piece of ovenware it was going to be a substitute for – one in, one out!

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