#Unclutter2017 – Tidy up


Today’s tip is super simple and quick: Put stuff away.

Everything in its place

Every day, sweep up things that have accumulated in your living space. Don’t leave incoming mail sitting on your counter. Place it where you will deal with it. I use a wicker basket in my study as “goods in”. You might use a box or plastic tray.

The same applies to things like shoes. We have a flip-top bench in our hallway. I’m always bemused to see shoes and boots sitting where their owners left them (on the mat) rather than having been put away. The same applies to coats (on their hooks, not over the end of the bannister!) and school bags.

Tidy up

Take a look around? What can you tidy up now?

3 thoughts on “#Unclutter2017 – Tidy up

  1. I’ve found now I have less clutter I am more inclined to tidy up – that’s saying something as anyone who knows me knows I am messy by nature. It’s just so much easy to put things away when there is space in your cupboards and drawers.


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