#Unclutter2017 – Go electronic


During the Christmas holidays, I discovered the joy of sending e-cards. I wanted to send personalised messages to local friends, as well as to folks further afield. My furthest away recipient was my pal, Cindy, in Beijing! Another friend recommended Jacquie Lawson whose electronic cards cover a range of celebrations and all for less than £10 per year.

In doing this, I was also able to send a small number of physical home-made cards with personalised notes in them, thus enjoying the best of both worlds.

Taking the eco-friendly option

The electronic way of sending good wishes appeals to the eco-Minimalist in me. Instead of buying commercially-produced cards to send via the Royal Mail (where the cost of a 2nd class stamp exceeds that of the card itself), I was able to be a little more generous to local charities’ festive collections. The environmental cost of producing and sending a single card must be huge.

Consider what else could go electronic

My mum encouraged me to borrow e-books from the library. Easy to sign up, I have been devouring books I have wanted to read ever since. In the past year, I’ve enjoyed more non-fiction and the library has been a reliable source of ‘good reads’ in this category. Currently, I’m reading Miranda Sawyer’s Out of Time: Midlife if you think you’re still young…. Hmmm. Let’s gloss over that!

I can’t find all of my favourite authors (Maggie O’Farrell and Liane Moriarty are nowhere to be found in the Overdrive online library), but that means I am exposed to new material.

Opt in to e-Billing

Some retailers already send e-receipts, although beware the high street store that automatically asks for your email address because they’re going to bombard you with electronic marketing.

However, it makes sense to receive regular updates from utility companies (for example) who will incentivise customers to move to online billing and for good reason. It’s less costly for them and better for the environment. For you, there’s no need to sort paperwork or file things away, albeit there’ll be the email notification of your bill’s availability to deal with.

So, save a tree and avoid having to manage too much in the way of paper storage. Your supplier may even offer you an attractive discount on your bill.

What works for you?

What have you found works well if you go electronic? From calendars and news consumption to greetings cards and photo albums, I’d be interested to know what you enjoy.

Coming up
In my last post of this month’s #Unclutter2017 series, we will look at paper storage, since we all have to keep some paper records. I’ll be examining different storage options and recommending ways to keep clutter-less.
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Next month: #FrugalFebruary

7 thoughts on “#Unclutter2017 – Go electronic

  1. I signed up to Jackie Lawson a few weeks ago. It’s very good value and some of the cards are very sweet. I particularly like the ones with little games and puzzles attached and I like the fact you can schedule them to be sent on the day required, so it helps me not forget because I can choose a card when I remember and then know it will be sent on the day itself. It’s also good if you forgot a birthday, but remember on the day when its too late to send a card by post and it get there on time.

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  2. Greetings to the Midlands from Germany/Bottrop.

    I recently changed my paper subscription to the online version. I figured I read rather on my iPhone, where ever I am, then the paper version. Paper is sometimes hard to handle and bad for nature.

    Von meinem iPhone gesendet


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