Welcome to #FrugalFebruary


Those of you who follow the blog (thank you!) will know that I’ve been focusing on moving towards a clutter-free life during January, with my #Unclutter 2017 series of blog posts.

In February, I’ve decided to focus on money matters, with #FrugalFebruary being my phrase of the month.


Frugal is defined as “sparing in the use of things” according to T F Hoad’s English etymology. This is especially true of the use of money and resources such as food.

Why Frugal February?

  • February is a super-short month, which offers just 28 days to kick-start some new habits.
  • It’s a month in which we may have fewer bills to pay. Post holiday credit card bills may have been paid in January and (for those of us in the UK) there is no Council Tax to pay this month or next.
  • It’s not too late to build savings. On Twitter, check out the @PTMoney 52 week challenge. In January, those of us taking part put away just £10. Do that now and you’ll be on track to join the challenge for the remainder of the year.
  • For those of us in Northern climes, the kids are back at school for the spring term, the festive season is over but the summer holidays are still some time away. Now’s the chance to save.
  • If you’ve been decluttering in January, you might still have some stuff to sell. Now’s the time to do this to give your finances a mini boost!

So, even if we’ve not necessarily stuck to our New Year’s Resolution of starting that diet, or getting physically fitter, let’s get our finances in shape!

If you’d like to focus on anything in particular, let me know or Join the community so that we can engage one-to-one on email.

First up, we’ll be looking at one of your biggest spending categories – food and groceries.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to #FrugalFebruary

    1. Of course! In the UK, Council Tax is a tax imposed on domestic properties (on a sliding scale). Revenues from this tax contribute to local councils’ expenditure. Local authorities use this funding to contribute to the support of services such as police, fire services, refuse collection (and recycling) as well as activities such as the maintenance of parks or open spaces, as well as local amenities. We pay 10 installments per year, hence getting February and March off!


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