When one job leads to another…


We already knew that there was a hole in the conservatory roof. This 25 year-old structure was beginning to look its age. One of the polycarbonate roof panels had slipped, so you could stand in the conservatory and have a conversation with someone who was leaning out of the bedroom window above.

Can anyone help?

I rang a number of companies. Roofers weren’t interested. They said to call a property maintenance ‘one-man-band’. So, I called two. One came and looked. He never quoted. The next didn’t even come and look. So, I finally rang a conservatory company who came, as planned, took a look and gave me a price for the job.

Here’s where it is gets complicated

The blinds in the conservatory ceiling needed to come down so that the panel could be leveraged from both inside and outside. However, the blinds were stuck and – worse – still connected to the electrics.

So, I called an electrician. He could do the job of disconnecting the blinds.

Since you’re here anyway…

While the electrician was with us, we agreed it would be good to replace some old light fittings that were worn out and no longer functioning.

Suddenly, the house felt lighter and brighter but now there were new holes to fill where the old light fittings previously attached to the wall or ceiling.

On Monday, after what seems like an inordinate amount of time, the hole in the roof will finally be mended. I hope…

Moral of the story?

The more stuff you have, the more there is to maintain… and the more costly becomes the whole enterprise.

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