Colour and the minimalist wardrobe


Further to my post on Colour and the Minimalist home, I thought it would fun to write about colour and the minimalist wardrobe.

A colleague of mine popped in to see me today. Inspired by the colours of spring, she was wearing a zingy yellow top and matching shoes. It looked fabulous.

Choosing great colours can impact on not only how you look, but how you feel. The ones that suit your skin tone will give you a lift (and you’ll be more likely to receive compliments). Those that don’t suit you may have a draining effect.

If, like me, you enjoy a pared-down, minimalist wardrobe, then considering your choice of colour can be very useful indeed. Here’s why.

The seasonal approach to colour

The seasonal approach to colour, made popular by Colour me Beautiful (CMB) first seeks to establish if your skin is warm-toned or cool. Test this yourself by draping a piece of fabric across your chest, so that it frames your face. First try white, then cream. Which is more flattering? Not sure yet? Try silver then gold.

Cool skin tones will radiate when wearing white or silver. By contrast, warm-toned skin will look best with cream or gold, making the eyes sparkle and the skin glow. Once you’ve established warm vs. cool, the seasonal colour palette then helps identify if darker tones are more flattering for you, or lighter ones.

If your skin tone is warm, then you’ll either be ‘spring‘ (lighter, more vibrant) or ‘autumn‘ (darker, more muted). If you have a cool skin tone, then ‘summer‘ (for paler shades) may be your season or ‘winter‘ if you can wear more vibrant, jewel-like colours.

Some online retailers, such as Kettlewell Colours, offer a fabulous array of colours in their product ranges. With Kettlewell, it’s even possible to shop by colour.

Curious to find out your season?

Take the Kettlewell quiz. In the interest of research, I took the quiz myself and found it aligned really well with face-to-face colour analysis..

So what?

If you know your colours, then everything in your wardrobe will mix and match.

That’s very useful for those who choose to have a ‘tiny wardrobe’.  If you subscribe to the seasonal colour palette idea, you can shop for colours that you know will suit you. Everything will go together so no matter what garment you pull out of the wardrobe, it will go with whatever else you have chosen.

Other options for a minimal wardrobe

If colour isn’t your key priority when it comes to developing your own, unique capsule wardrobe, what else might you consider?

  • Adopt a favourite colour and wear it all the time. This can be your trademark. Be bold; you don’t need to be old to wear purple!
  • Go for neutrals (black, navy, beige, grey) and team them with crisp white t-shirts and plain fabrics to have an ‘any time any place’ capsule wardrobe.
  • Have a signature garment or outfit. Think of Mark Zuckerberg and others about whom I wrote here. Each of them has a simple approach to what they wear, which minimises decision making and frees them up for more important matters.
  • Take the approach of Project 333 for whom ‘simple is the new black‘ and only wear 33 items every 3 months

First things first

If you haven’t decluttered your wardrobe, let’s get back to basics with my 4-step wardrobe edit, first published here:

As you will find, you’ll end up with a wardrobe that contains only the clothes you truly love and that you’ll actually wear – whatever colour they may be.

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2 thoughts on “Colour and the minimalist wardrobe

  1. I always have neutrals on the bottom (pants, casual and dressy, capri pants, and best colored tops and shirts. No dresses or skirts. Everything goes with neutral bottoms, also handbags and shoes are neutral. Few prints unless they are in my color.

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