Being (happy) where you are 

Kynance Cove in beautiful Cornwall

My husband hit the nail on the head: “You always want to be somewhere else.”

On holiday earlier this summer, I imagined that I could take a boat across the sea to visit Italy (specifically to visit Rome, a place I have not yet visited).

How could I be in such a lovely holiday destination with my head somewhere else? What follows are the thoughts that were swirling through my mind.

This is where I’m coming from

I’m physically present but my mind is elsewhere. Back at home, we live in the heart of England. Our region is as far away from the coast as you can possibly get. So, where would I rather be? You’ve got it. I would rather be by the sea.

What is this sense of unrest? Is it curiosity, wanderlust or just plain dissatisfaction?

When I’m by the sea….

When I am by the sea, my heart sings. I experience a strong emotional reaction when I see (and smell) the crashing waves for the first time. Here, the calm turquoise waters of our holiday resort do not evoke the same feeling. This is not “my sea.” I appreciate its appeal and its beauty; it is picture postcard perfect. But it’s not mine.

My sea

My sea is different. It changes with the weather and can be dark and brooding one day, then calm as a duck pond the next. My sea is foamy, icy cold and dramatic. Dolphins play in the shallows, leaping through the surf in perfect arc formations. I have seen this at Sennen, in far west Cornwall, and it is the most exhilarating sight.

My sea requires wetsuits, surfboards and windbreaks. Dogs run along the water’s edge, shaking themselves in a sandy, spiral. Little ones wearing legionnaires’ caps make sandcastles while grown-ups turn their faces to the sun from deckchairs planted in the wet sand.

My fantasy self

In my fantasy, we have a beach hut of our own where we shelter from high winds, enjoying mugs of steaming tea and eating ripe melon and juicy peaches in the August sunshine.

Out of season, we wrap up warm in woolly hats and wellies to experience the joy of walking on quiet stretches of sand, watching the brave and hardy windsurfer catch the wave across the shore.

Curiosity or wanderlust?

So, perhaps it’s neither curiosity nor wanderlust. It’s not dissatisfaction either. Don’t get me wrong; I’d love to travel more and I’m grateful when I get the chance to enjoy somewhere new. Being away (as you’ll see from my earlier posts) deepens my sense about what simple living is all about.

Where I belong

For me, this is just a deep sense of knowing where I feel happiest. For a long time, I have talked about living by the sea. It’s been my long-standing aspiration.

In the meantime, I am perfectly happy where I am. I’m not yearning to be somewhere else. But I know that “my sea” is waiting for me.

On this late Summer Bank Holiday weekend, where is your happiest place? Wherever you are, I hope you have a good one.

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7 thoughts on “Being (happy) where you are 

  1. I have a similar sense of wanderlust, and I’m sure living in the Midlands encourages this desire for the sea. Of course I’m looking forward to the day that you get your beach hut…and I can come to visit!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I also love the kind of sea you describe. Rivers and lakes may look beautiful (I call it flat water) but I love the swell and the movement of crashing waves, meandering along the beach with usually just my feet in the water, and of the joy of frisky dogs rubbing their wet bodies along the sand. South West Rocks in Australia is my favourite place for this. I hope you get your ideal spot some day.


    1. Thanks so much, Marie. I haven’t yet visited Australia but am more minded to do this now than ever before. I have friends who emigrated there whose photos show what a beautiful coastline there is. Colleagues from Australia now working here in the UK have also given me an insight. You’re right about ‘flat water’! Totally agree 🙂


  3. I am often dreaming of places I want to be. I especially am drawn to water. I love your idea that “the sea is waiting for me”. That’s a great way to think about it.


  4. ‘Love the place you live’ I am lucky to have travelled a fair bit and enjoy many memories but my heart is at home. We spent two weeks of this year’s leave at home in Leicestershire without doing all those ‘jobs’ what a fabulous country we live in with beauty not many minutes from our doorstep. If you’re at home this bank holiday look locally.


    1. You’re quite right! Thank you for that sage reminder. Today was such a day: we did a 4 mile local hike, followed by an al fresco lunch at the country pub where our walk started. It’s places like these to which tourists come! Our plans to get away had fallen through; clearly we weren’t meant to go away.


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