Dual account budget spreadsheet

Dual Account Budget Spreadsheet

Above is a link to my dual account spreadsheet.

Where to start

First of all, don’t be daunted by this. I looks complicated at first, but the colours are designed to help you.

Populate the budget with your own amounts and categories

Start on the right hand side to input your own amounts. I’ve put some indicative amounts in for you, but you’ll need to put in your actual figures.

Note that the figure in cell Q10 comes from the second worksheet (for Account 2), so you’ll need to get  your sums right there.

Replicate your budget in the central table

Once you’ve worked out your budget for the month, bring the amounts across to the central table in the worksheet. Every time you make a purchase under that budget heading, deduct this from the running bank account total AND your budget table. That way, you can see:
a) what you have left
b) what’s remaining in each budget category

Transfer money to Account 2

And don’t forget to transfer the money you need for your bills to Account 2. I do this every month when I get paid.

I hope this is useful to you! It’s sometimes hard to understand someone else’s spreadsheet, so I’d welcome your feedback.